Series - 2007-2009
The journey under the beast, in the crevasses of industrialisation and modern progress, encroaching on centuries of tamed wilderness, on the borders of the capital, an innocent walk to think and discover, to weave in and out and peak at the giant that emerges.

Immense is an exploration of the fringes of woodlands close to my home and beyond. Bordering them is the major London orbital M25 motorway. The juxtaposition between man and the environment can be discreet or it can be an awesome spectacle. My walks and observations are not a comment against the stark concrete structures, more a record of awareness of its impact and relationship with the landscape and those traverse beneath and around it. My childhood home sits on the outside of the M25 and the completion of this orbital in 1986 has created a new landscape where its transformation is almost interminable from a pedestrian perspective.

Like many of my projects the work involves extensive explorative research, the basis of this particular project uses aerial maps and OS references to research and locate possible positions of intersections. This began close to home and is developing as a wider study of similar scenes. The scope of my work is to capture the beauty, starkness and often subtlety of the relationship between these two.