Brutalist VII

2015, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge - Denys Lasdun
"Brutalist" is a series of abstract architectural studies based on instinctive, contemplative and explorative responses to spaces both positive and negative in dimensions. Veering away from contextual and classical viewpoints of architecture, the project instead evolves from visual play in details. The palette of concrete and its interaction with light and shadow is embraced within the encompassing atmospheric surroundings. Subtle diffusion sits alongside deep black. The ideals of the materials are amplified upon first experience and this still moment is carefully observed in the technical camera. Lines and contours merge and separate as distances are skewed and distilled to flat, graphical landscapes. Unreachable spaces are explored and focused upon, backgrounds and foregrounds gain equal or opposite significance, scale and perspective are distorted. Through this lengthy contemplation of the environment and structure the series of images aims to give a new, personal depiction of the ageing architecture and offer new perspectives of these historically important buildings.

The work is on-going.